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**eat some cookies

One of the best ways to preserve the planet is by eating plant-based! So by indulging in soft, chewy cookies and fudgy brownies from Gentle Whisk Bakery, you are promoting a sustainable future and helping us save the planet!!

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Can't Pick just one? Try the medley!!

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gluten-friendly Options

made in a shared facility and not recommended for those with a severe gluten/wheat allergy.

only the best for you!

At Gentle Whisk Bakery, quality comes first!
Everything that comes out of our ovens is handcrafted, from scratch, and made with the best plant-based ingredients we could find!

Once we realized we could make delicious sweets without using animal products that tasted the same as or better than the alternative, it was a

We can’t wait for you to try some of our treats! 

DELIVERY options

Deliveries are unavailable at 

this time, but check back soon!

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Join our Cookie Club to Earn Points and Save Money.

the perfect gift

Cheer Up or Cheer On Your Friends by Sending Cookies!

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